Craigslist Alternatives Sites
Craigslist Alternatives Sites

Top 20 Craigslist Alternatives Sites & Apps to Buy or Sell 2019

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If you are looking for good deals on used stuff ,the first website that will come to your mind is Craigslist, but it is not the only site out there which offers this services ,there is a variety of websites do the same function as craigslist that allow you to pick the items you are interested in for the best prices. This is why we have picked the Top 20 Craigslist Alternatives Sites for you .

List Of Top 20 Craigslist Alternatives Sites 2019

Below you can discover the Top 20 Craigslist Alternatives Sites 2019 that we have picked based on users reviews website reputation and number of deals .

1. Facebook

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+

You may consider Facebook a social networking website and a spot to know latest news updates, but what you may have missed is that Facebook have a large and big marketplace which allows you to sell and buy locally .

Since almost everybody has a Facebook account, you may be amazed at the quantity of postings. On the off chance that you are experiencing serious difficulties offering something on Craigslist rapidly, think about posting your thing on Facebook. Simply search your local city to find your local selling groups or click the “Buy and Sell Groups” button in the Explore menu .

You can search for a specific word or for a specific item to purchase. In case you don’t present any inquiry criteria, the outcomes will resemble your general Facebook news channel and brings about sequential request of posting.

Make sure to read the rules before posting an item  due to the different group rules.

2. Letgo

letgo: Handle Gebrauchte Dinge
letgo: Handle Gebrauchte Dinge
Developer: letgo
Price: To be announced

In addition to Facebook,  Letgo is probably the most popular Craigslist alternative out there. It is a little bit better than Facebook at categorizing product postings as you can search for items with keywords that you are interested in as you can  effectively see extra things available to be purchased from a similar merchant when you click on an item posting.

Letgo is more likely  secure than Craigslist since you need to check your Google or Facebook account to make a Letgo profile. While Craigslist has an extremely basic and clean interface, you have the ability to post video and images is not great and finally Letgo has a build in communication system so won’t have to list your email or phone number on your postings .


3. Recycler

On the off chance that you live in a big U.S. city, Recycler is another great choice. Began as a neighborhood arranged daily paper in Southern California and turned into a national commercial center in 2010 and now brags 18 million month to month clients. You can utilize Recycler to purchase or offer pets, houses to lease, offer utilized autos and pretty much whatever else that Craigslist likewise offers.

When you offer on Recycler, you can rapidly present your postings on Facebook and Twitter. To support your postings on Recycler, it’s likewise conceivable to utilize paid promotions to target particular purchasers or markets.

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4. Offerup

OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Offer Up
OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Offer Up
Developer: OfferUp Inc.
Price: To be announced

Compared to Craigslist choices , Offerup is relatively  little. In any case, despite everything it has a considerable choice of item postings and has developed in fame as of late with 23 million application downloads. It was likewise granted App of the Year by Geekwire. Merchants and guests can communicate their posting on Facebook too.

Both  purchasers and dealers can get ratings which can help influence the deals to make it more secure . To satisfy its reputation, Offerup enables you to acknowledge the dealer’s recorded cost or make your own particular offer. You can likewise add postings to your watch list, in case you are not ready to purchase yet.

5. Oodle

Oodle has a marginally unique interpretation of helping you purchase or offer locally. With different destinations, you just see postings that are  posted on that marketplace. With Oodle, a few postings are presented straightforwardly yet they add other Craigslist postings to their own  to extend their listings.

For instance, you may see vehicles recorded from and vehicles sold by real Oodle individuals. It can likewise be a decent method to purchase or offer collectibles as they list items from eBay for nearby pickup. Oodle additionally enables dealers to advertize postings with Facebook also.

6. Close5

Previously known as Ebay classifieds, Close5 is a decent choice to purchase or offer locally in San Francisco, San Diego, or Los Angeles. Despite the fact that, there are a lot of postings for whatever remains of the nation too.

You can discover pretty much anything on Close5. When reading the item postings, the setup is well detailed. You would  be able to message with the purchaser or dealer inside the Close5 application also make an offer through the application .

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7. Bookoo

Bookoo  is known as a family-accommodating Craigslist alternative. You can list things exclusively to offer or advertise a yard deal. There are Bookoo areas found in  the whole way across the nation. Numerous are in towns with army installations, making it less demanding for military individuals to purchase or sell items with the latest fashion. Bookoo offers merchants a profile that incorporates a short bio and picture. The profile additionally records the sorts of things you have recorded before.

8. Trove Market

Trove Market solely offers used furniture for any room in your home. You can surf on the web or with the versatile application, it will naturally utilize your area to show the most proximate postings, or you can search the nation over.

Regardless of whether you are searching for a reestablished piece from the mid-century, a collectible, or something in  the present day, Trove Market likely has what you are searching for. Since furniture is so massive, you will most likely need to lift it up yourself. Yet, a few shippers will convey locally, or deliver little pieces across the country.

9. Geebo

Established in 1999, Geebo enables you to purchase or offer stock, substantial gear, vehicles, land, and administrations in 160 networks. You should   try Geebo out on the off chance that you live in one of the real metropolitan regions like L.A., Chicago, Denver, or in a mid-significant metropolitan region, Virginia Beach, Cincinnati, or Tulsa.

As an approach to make purchasing and offering more secure than other online arranged locales, Geebo offers “SafeTrade” exchanges. A “SafeTrade” happens when purchasers and merchants consent to meet at a neighborhood police division.

On the off chance that you are reluctant to attempt Craigslist since you don’t feel safe gathering in simply  open parking area, Geebo can be a decent Craigslist alternative.

10. Hoobly

In contrast with the other Craigslist options recorded in this article, Hoobly presumably has the relatively indistinguishable look and feel of Craigslist. You can look for pretty much anything on this site. Likewise, there are item postings in Canada and Europe.

You may have the most accomplishment with Hoobly by offering or purchasing pets as there  is a larger number of postings for this classification than any of the other market . It’s allowed to post or shop on Hoobly.

11. Backpage

Backpage has neighborhood pages for about each major city on the planet with an very fundamental site design. Postings are free, and you can purchase or offer nearly anything. All you have to do to surf  postings or make your own posting, is pick your suitable city.

On the off chance that you are offering on Backpage, you can include photographs or video with the item description .

12. PeerHub

PeerHub considered to be a combination  of Craigslist, eBay, and Etsy. It enables you to purchase or offer locally or across the country  with money, creditcard, or Steem cash. It’s allowed to offer or purchase, and utilizing Steem will  remove PayPal or Visa exchange expenses.

They additionally have ansocial media based platform  where your ratings and item position enhance as your following increments.

You can almost everything on PeerHub. In this way, it can be a decent commercial center on the off chance that you are hoping to purchase or offer both conventional and diverse things.

13. PennySaver USA

Perhaps, some time ago, you grabbed a free PennySaver daily paper from the daily paper remains at the road corner or supermarket. Presently, they have moved on the web, and you can discover neighborhood bargains by just entering your postal district. Regardless they distribute a printed version too.

You can distribute paid advertisements on PennySaver also. It is especially similar to the grouped area you would discover in your neighborhood daily paper.

14. Ads Globe

Promotions Globe is an online daily paper  advertisement service . With Ads Globe, you can post boundless advertisements for about any categorie including stock, automobiles, land, rentals, pets, and travel. It’s likewise conceivable to publicize your business administrations or occasions also with this Craigslist alternative.


This site is free, and you can purchase or offer pretty much anything. has an extremely basic design and is reminiscent like the ones  you would find in a daily paper except with pictures.

Similarly as with a considerable lot of the other Craigslist choices, you will have the most achievement utilizing on the off chance that you live in an extensive city. In spite of the fact that, they do have sheets for some littler districts over each state too.

16. US Free Ads

US Free Ads has been around since 1999. Despite everything it has an exceptionally essential design reminiscent . Not   like classified websites that permit boundless postings for dealers, a free participation with US Free Ads will give you to just  two items postings at once.

The Gold membership is $10 per year for 25 ads at once, or the Premium membership is $9.99 per month for unlimited ads.

To purchase on US Free Ads, you just need a free enrollment. As indicated by US Free Ads, their most prevalent postings are dogs, horses, and houses.

17. Locanto

This website offers online classifieds in more than 60 nations. Most U.S. urban areas have a Locanto board. This site accepts paid promotions from national retailers so not every listing will be local.

You will most likely have the best open doors with Locanto on the off chance that you live in Los Angeles, Miami, or New York. Those urban communities are their highlighted sheets.

Posting your promotion on a city board is free. Yet, you can pay additional to stretch out the notice to extra urban areas, remove third-parties advertisements from your posting, or send your promotion to the top  of a purchaser’s list results.

18. USA Today Classifieds

The USA Today is a standout amongst the most daily papers. It completes an incredible activity of exhibiting the most recent news in an absorbable configuration. They additionally have a characterized area for  online release.

This choice is most likely best on the off chance that you have a first-class thing, since it will cost to distribute your postings .

Trovit is ideal for buying with this classified search engine you can search multiple online databases for homes, cars, or jobs with this site.

20. eBay

Most the time  eBay auctions and sales are delivered via mail. In any case,the  item is too large or bulky to ship at a reasonable cost you can setup local pickup address .

You should seriously think about this alternative when searching for or offering collectibles, level screen tv’s, and cars (eBay engines).

eBay can likewise be a decent alternative if your items don’t sell locally on Craigslist or one of these different destinations. While it’s possible to sell nearly anything on a  classified  site, there may be low demand in your market.


Where you live will determine what Craigslist alternatives will be a superior choice for you . Whenever you are prepared to purchase or offer locally on the web, try one of these out. You may have better chances.

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