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Best Craigslist Search Apps

Best Craigslist Search Apps Of 2019

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One of the most used feature in Craigslist is searching and that is one of the reasons for it success ,it’s very easy to open the site and start looking for what you want and that is the purpose of this article “Best Craigslist Search Apps” to show you what is working and what not .

Best Craigslist Search Apps [2019]

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Craigslist Search App #1: My Craigslist App

if you have an android device then this app is the perfect choice for you ,it’s entirely free , this app shines when it comes to searching for stuff you can save your search and use it later or even tweak it to work better for you and the best thing is you can keep your searches as long as you need without having them deleted.

It’s easy to use, which is a plus you just select your location or the location that you want to search the category press the search button and let the magic happens


Craigslist Search App #2: Qwilo

Qwilo has  user friendly interface that let the users easily run all the searches you want that why it’s got a lot of positive reviews by Craigslist users and this is a top priority for a Craigslist search app

Its has all the latest features plus filters to get you the exact search result that you are looking for its also have a multi display mode that will allow you to display the results as grid, picture or thumbnail layouts to see all the details the way you prefer best

the only setback is that its doesn’t allow a multi city search but that is not enough to get you away because you can do it manually on Craigslist and keep in mind all the features present in this app from filtering ,viewing and searching it has all .

Qwilo Craigslist Mobile App
Qwilo Craigslist Mobile App
Developer: Qwilo
Price: Free+

Craigslist Search App #3: Smobile

Smobile is great for many reasons ,it’s allows you to change the font as you see fit which make it easy to use on small screens and it’s also a good options for people with sight issues because it have a build in reader that will read the postings for you .

When you are searching around in Smobile its will show you small images of other postings that are of interest to you ,this will allow you to see other options without going into the hustle of searching all postings one by one .

‎Smobile for Craigslist
‎Smobile for Craigslist
Developer: Qibing Yu
Price: Free

There , you have it that was the Best Craigslist Search Apps i hope you find this article useful

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